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We're Your Termite Control Professionals

At Coastside Termite, we understand that termites need to be taken care of promptly. On our site, you will find information on the major aspects of termite control for all types of properties. Our services include:

Immediate Help
We're available for your termite control problems. We understand that termite problems are often unexpected and need to be taken care of right away. Our company also understands that they are a concern to the safety and well being of you and those around you, as well as your property and grounds. It's our goal to help you address these concerns as soon as possible.

Termite Inspections
Coastside Termite offers a professional and thorough inspection of your property. We specialize in termite inspections for real estate transactions as well as home owners that are not selling there home and are concerned or see evidence of a problem.

Effective Treatments
We have a vested interest in providing an environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution for your termite problems. We will provide treatments to best meet your specific needs.

Long-term Prevention
After our initial treatment, we can help control the long-term risk of termite problems as well. Proper professional evaluation yields a strategic plan that can control termites indefinitely.

Fungus Damaged Wood Repair
We remove and replace any fungus damaged wood that is found in a termite inspection report such as roof sheathing, rafter tails, trim, siding, decks, joists, sub floors and any other wood members that are damaged by fungus or termites.

Construction Services
Coastside Termite also holds a General Contracting license for those remodeling jobs that you may have. Read more information about this in the Services page.

Our termite control specialists have the training, experience, and resources to assure protection and elimination of termites. Contact us to see why we're your termite control specialists!